The Shenandoah Reports

Down on the Upside

Investigating the drug-dealing gangster takes the group in unexpected directions

After piecing together the fact that Ephraim Law had killed their most solid lead, the group decided that they should go after the tenuous link that they had to Law – Drexl Wallace. They decided that they didn’t have enough information on Law or Wallace, and that this investigation should be key. Hugo prepared to do the bulk of the investigation, but was surprised when Alucard weighed in that he would like to help. His brief touch of the investigative arts had seemingly convinced him that the blunt weapon approach wasn’t the only way to solve a problem. Either that, or the fact that investigation could produce more targets than stumbling around blindly. Nickodemus and Soup used the opportunity to prepare magically and procure reagents. Kassandra in the meantime contacted some of their other contacts to help in the research and investigation.

As the group gathered together with the results of the research, they determined some pretty daunting details. This information in hand, they determined that their usual frontal approach wouldn’t work- they needed an in. And Wallace’s dossier provided just that, in the form of Jefferson Green. The group still hadn’t taken him up on his admitted debt to them for saving his life.

They found that Green apparently took his debt seriously, as once Hugo identified himself, they were fast-tracked onto his schedule. He conference called them at the Sanctum, but he was a bit less ready to help when he found out their target. They talked for a while about Wallace, and he did help them a bit- filling them in on the fact that he had indeed been in the right side of the law for a while, and bare circumstances surrounding the death of Wallace’s son and his relationship with his daughter. But Kassandra could tell that he was prevaricating, and was warring with different loyalties- that Wallace wasn’t just a client. But he did agree to set up a meeting with Wallace with some reservations. Hugo promised that they would be on their best behavior.

If not by Kassandra’s intuition, they would have been able to tell that Wallace and Green shared more than a casual relationship by the fact that his call to Green was answered by an invite to a late lunch that very day at Wallace’s estate. Green’s limo picked them up from the Sanctum and they traveled to Wallace’s house. During the drive, they talked a bit more about Wallace, but they were not able to get much more out of Green. Hugo asked specifically about William “Mac” Moore, Wallace’s associate from the dossier. Green definitely did not look thrilled to have that name sprung on him, and was very unwilling to talk about him. Kassandra did get a different feeling from him on this regard- not that he was protecting Wallace, but himself.

They arrived at the estate, and though there was little in the way of security present, they did know from their research that there was some security if they were unaware of the form that it took, so were more happy than ever that they had not taken the violent approach. The house was decorated in a functional manner- not as if someone had put time into decorating. It was nice, but had a feel as if someone had gone into a furniture store and bought the display. Sterile, if a word were to be applied to it. The only exception that they saw in their brief time through the front portion of the house was a veritable shrine that held a picture that they knew was Wallace’s late wife, framed on either side by pictures of his son, Colin, and his daughter, Trish. Though there was nothing out of the ordinary or alarming, Nickodemus felt as if there were a malevolent presence permeating the house, growing stronger toward the rear of the house.

About that time, Drexl Wallace came out to greet them. He was a large man- he looked as if he would be home on a football field, approaching Alucard’s considerable mass. He also filled the room with more than his bulk, but a radiating presence, and a seemingly genuine smile that widened as he saw Green. Greeting his friend, he let the lawyer do the introductions, appraising each of them in turn. He nodded politely at the names, before leading them into a sun room to talk more freely. Soup took advantage of the change in venue to veil himself, and go off towards the area that Nickodemus had mentioned to investigate while the others availed themselves of Wallace’s hospitality. Fresh drinks and light snacks were served as they talked; Wallace gave a much different impression than they had expected, looking at his past a list of criminal endeavors that he was allegedly involved in. As Hugo attempted to talk around the subject, Wallace’s demeanor shifted as he focused more fully on his words. Finally, he held up a hand, and stood abruptly, indicating that he’d like to talk more plainly. He told his lawyer and friend that he might want to excuse himself, and he’d see that his guests were returned to their home. Green was taken aback at first, but then realized why he was being asked to leave- to remove the officer of the court from the room. He left as he was bid, but not before a parting shot admonishing the group to behave.

Green was not the only one to leave the room. Nickodemus had surreptitiously communicated to Soup the feelings that he had received from the atmosphere. So warned, Soup felt around with his lesser magical senses, and was able to pick up on the traces. So, with that, he veiled himself, and set off to investigate.

The house was as he initially sensed it was- sterile, as if something was missing. There were areas where it was not so. A room that had dolls and posters of princesses from classic cartoons and furniture that looked as if it were from a fairy tale- a little girl’s room, though his daughter was in her early twenties. Another that looked a bit more appropriate to his dead son’s age, though it was cold the shadows gave it an ominous cast, though the cleaners apparently kept the room immaculate for it had no dust nor cobwebs anywhere.

But for all the life that those two rooms brought, there were only feelings of darkness as Soup ventured towards the back of the house, and it grew in intensity, leading him to where he needed to go. As he neared the rear, he began to hear talking, interspersed with raucous laughter. Almost in the middle of the malign energy, but apparently unaware (or uncaring) were several rough looking individuals- cleaned up for work in the neighborhood in business attire with coats thrown over the back of a sofa, ties loosened around their necks, and sleeves rolled up. But for all of the expense of dressing them up, whomever made the effort might as well not have bothered, for they would never be mistaken for anything but thugs in suits. They were gathered around an impressively sized LCD that took up most of the wall and a gaming system as the football players ducked and dodged their way across the screen, and they stood between Soup and a door to the rear of the house. Veiled as he was, getting past was tricky but not undoable, and soon he was out of the back door, into a walled-in breezeway leading to what was apparently the in-law suite. Inside the small domicile, he found basically a one bedroom dwelling. Though making his way through carefully, he ran afoul of some magics, and definitely found the source of the dark energy, but in the end found a keycard that tingled with energy as he touched it. Was this the key to getting into the room at Harris’ charity?


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