The Shenandoah Reports

The Battle's Done, and We Kinda Won...

Everyone's cheering, so why isn't anyone happy?

A long time coming, the group should feel some measure of success at stopping Harris. But the fact that they couldn’t bring that to a ‘final’ conclusion stuck with them. Especially after losing Nickodemus in the bargain. Though Hugo seemed ok, and assured them that he was, that close call made them realize that they were perhaps underpowered. But, as is usual in such cases, they were victims of their own success. Their ability to identify and take down the threat- even with their lack of wizardly support- convinced Ramirez, and by extension The White Council, that the area was in good hands. And with no Wardens to take up the mantle, they left Hugo as their liason once he contacted Beatty on awakening. Their charter was to assess, investigate, and protect- until they couldn’t. And the White Council would send in help in those cases.

But somehow that wasn’t the vote of confidence it should be.

The White Council was also able to intervene on Alucard’s behalf, and his standing was restored- something that many in the Order were not too keen on. And their star was on the rise. But with only the four of them now, it seemed like a lot to lay on their shoulders. Which begged the question- where was Lumin? Where was Kai?

An e-mail pointed to more serious things, though they knew not how to take it… other than it must be from Snoddy. And he seemed more paranoid than usual. After figuring out his needlessly cryptic message, and jumping through many hoops, they determined that he wanted to meet.

Snoddy? Setting up a meet?

Maybe it wasn’t so needlessly cryptic after all. So they met him on the mall. Well, not him. He was still as paranoid as ever. But someone that gave them a flash drive and a note.

“This is all I can do. Good luck.” – S

The key that they’d deciphered earlier to get the location and time of the meet unlocked the file on the drive- and a whole lot of trouble.

Apparently, Kai had been following his own agenda- one that started with the Warden’s help, to look into his past. Someone showed up that made it not seem even less benign that they had thought- Sir Windsor Beck. Head lawyer for Haring and Drake- the law firm that Blackthorne worked for. Maybe their case wasn’t as closed as it seemed to be. Snoddy had apparently been running support for Kai in some tit-for-tat information gathering for someone in the DC area. Someone that definitely didn’t want to be known, and someone that even Snoddy wasn’t going to look into. Things went bad- real bad. Kai had gone undercover to get the information, and had gotten blown. What they saw on the surveillance footage wasn’t something fit for casual consumption, as the reconnaissance seemed more like a hit, and Kai barely escaped- only to get whisked away by a rift into the NeverNever.

With no magical heavy hitters, this was going to be tricky. How were they even going to get into the NeverNever… let alone deal with anything there.

It seemed it was time to call in one of the few supernatural favors they had, and pay a visit to Plotius at the wall.


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