The Shenandoah Reports

The Devil You Know

Where the group makes a deal with the a crime kingpin looking to leave his old life behind.

Soup was able to break into Mac’s room on Drexl’s Wallace’s estate and find a keycard- one that he hoped would let them into Harris’ charity.

In the meantime, Hugo and the others were having a conversation with Wallace himself, both to distract him from Soup’s covert operations, and to discern Wallace’s true involvement with the Crimson Snow. Hugo, with subtle cues from Kassandra, was able to reason out that Trish, Wallace’s daughter was the reason that he’d tried to leave the life behind. That, and the death years ago of his son Colin made him see that he needed to make a better environment for her. But his old associates weren’t so willing to let him fade into the background. Mac was for all intents and purposes running the show, which explained his stay in the in-law suite, and the presence of his crew in force in the house. But the detente between them had become strained when this new drug hit the streets and Mac made other alliances that made a lot of scrutiny come down on Mac and his operations- scrutiny that the group had started. As long as they were able to keep Wallace- and by extension Trish- out of any fallout from Mac’s fall, Wallace was willing to give them as much help as he could.

Wallace let them know he couldn’t do anything overt because of the presence of Mac’s men, but told them where his room was (not knowing that Soup had already cleared that area), and where his other hangouts were. He also confirmed that there was a link between Mac and Harris- something that the group had suspicions of, but hadn’t been able to ascertain for truth.

This bit of information, along with the keycard that Soup lifted from Mac’s rooms let them know where they were going next- Harris’ charity to clean up loose ends and hopefully get some solid evidence.


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