Bruce Riedel


“I don’t always drink beer but when I do, I punch the Dos Equis guy in the face and take his because I am way more awesome than he is.”

Portrayed By
Bruce Campbell

Not much is known about Bruce Riedel. What is known is that he was a Navy SEAL for several years (it is speculated that he was on SEAL Team 6) until in 2005 he was unceremoniously cashiered from service. From his contacts, Warden Bennett had also determined that he had done some business for the CIA.

But now, older, he deals in information. Though he is in a business, he does still have rules- many of the same ones from his non-civilian life. He views the information he sells as just as potentially dangerous as any other weapon, and so does not deal with anyone that he thinks may use the information in ways counter to his views.

Bruce Riedel

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