D. L. Hawkins

Gang Leader with his hands in everything


Large but solidly built
Easy disposition
Violent temperment
Very intelligent
Gang leader
Vengeful to a “t”


What happens when a bright young man has no one to lead him out of terrible circumstances?

D.L. Hawkins might well be a poster child for that particular question. Smart enough to make himself useful while keeping a low profile, he has a preternatural ability to be at the right place at the right time… and not in the wrong place. This, coupled with his charisma, size, and intelligence carried him very far. He was able to figure out that the problem with most people in his circles was the transition from childhood to adulthood. They either died, ended up in jail, ended up strung out on drugs, or all three. So he left the hood to get an education, making sure to keep himself in debt to no one but himself. But even after graduating, with nothing else to go to, he gravitated back to the very streets that had birthed him. But with a plan and the education, he was able to turn his disadvantages into strengths. And now, he’s one of the most powerful people in the crime scene in the Charlottesville area.

D. L. Hawkins

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