Derek Ingrey

Charlottesville Police Detective


As Portrayed By
Clive Owen

Pure Mortal

High Concept
Detective with a Clue

Who Can I Trust?

Other Aspects
What Partner?
Hard Boiled

(4) Great – Guns, Endurance
(3) Good – Investigation, Conviction
(2) Fair – Athletics, Alertness, Stealth, Driving
(1) Average – Fists, Presence, Intimidation, Contacts

Gun Fu [–1] (Use Guns in place of Fists for melee attacks)
Shot on the Run [–1] (Use Guns in place of Athletics for dodging)
Target Rich Environment [–1] (+1 to Guns when outnumbered)
Two Guns Blazing [–1] (Spray 3 with pistols when armed with 2)
Paranoid? Probably. [-1] (Gain +2 to Alertness when rolling against surprise.)


After college, Ingrey decided that he didn’t want to be a lawyer. But he did like the Charlottesville area. And he didn’t like how big town sentiment was coming to his college town.

So he decided to do something about it. Graduated with honors from the police academy. Meritorious service over 10 years on the force, and became a detective. It was good… and though they didn’t have the best resources, he felt like he was making a difference.

Then… you know the story. Bad thing happens, and he realizes that his sleepy town isn’t so sleepy. His partner pays the price, and now… Ingrey doesn’t really know what to do. Investigating the edge cases has led him to some really unsettling conclusions. And paranoia and a penchant for the strange cases has stalled a once rising star.

Derek Ingrey

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