Drexl Wallace

Gangsta from the hood with big ambitions


Portrayed By
Delroy Lindo

Drexl Wallace projects a presence that is almost impossible to ignore. His basso voice demands attention, and his intense manner keeps it. Of a powerful frame, though trained in Shotokan Karate (and he keeps his form fit with regular workouts) and is reportedly an excellent shot, he is not a physical man, preferring instead to play the role of businessman, entrepreneur, and mastermind. He is quick of wit and mind, and when he applies his considerable mental talents to a problem, is very efficient in removing obstacles and crushing opposition to his considerable will.


Born Drexl Isaac Wallace, 12 May 1959, Eltham, London, England, UK

Background: Wallace was born in Eltham, London, the son of Jamaican immigrant parents, and brought up in Lewisham, England. His mother was a nurse and his father worked in various jobs. As a teenager, he and his mother moved to Toronto, Canada, and when he was sixteen, they moved to Richmond, VA. At that point, Wallace’s mother fell on hard times, and he began to work for less savory elements of society, moving through the ranks with a combination of ruthless effectiveness and complete lack of morals. Eventually, he came to work for unknown elements in Richmond that set him up to move into Charlottesville. He was characteristically effective once he moved in on the new territory, becoming a force in every major criminal enterprise in the city.

Recent activities: In 2008, Wallace dropped out of site, leaving day-to-day operations to his second in command William “Mac” Moore. He began to divest himself of illegal operations, gradually reducing his (obvious) involvement in criminal activities to minimal levels. His money is now tied up into legal ventures as a venture capitalist and angel investor. He had a misstep with involvement in the acquisition of the Washington Nationals, and was squeezed out of the deal. His son was killed during that same period, and it began a further schism with Mac. Drexl then bought a house outside of Charlottesville, and settled down there, reducing his criminal profile even further.

Drexl Wallace

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