Ephraim Law

Pragmatic Ex-Drug Dealer


Portrayed By
Lupe Fiasco


Ephraim Law was born Paul Lamont on October 20th, 1972, in Long Beach, California to mean but steady beginnings. His father Vernell was a career postal worker, and his mother Willa was a registered nurse. Pauls’s parents separated while he was still a child, but his father kept in contact with the family and encouraged his son’s obvious musical talent. As a teenager, Paul played the piano in church, and it seemed for a time that sports might help to keep him off the streets—he was a gifted basketball player who attracted the attention of college scouts. But, partly due to family financial pressures brought on by his parents’ divorce, the streets beckoned to him. After leaving high school in Long Beach he was arrested on drug-dealing charges and spent parts of the next three years in prison.

When released from prison, Paul took on the name Ephraim Law and moved to the East Coast. His star became hitched to that of Drexl Wallace at the time, and he became one of his primary runners. Not only was he not a user, but he showed a unique combination of initiative and success. As he moved up and became part of Wallace’s inner circle, he still appeared on the streets, downplaying his role in the organization. But rumors have it that he is Mac’s right hand man, and is responsible for more than a few of the hits on opposing organizations in the city. If true, this would mean that he has moved far beyond his mean stature- but there is something to be said about the unsubstantiated nature of these rumors.

Ephraim Law

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