Hale Stanwick

Guardian, Alucard's trainer, and rival of Lucien Jackson


Hale Stanwick is in his early 60’s. He is 6’3" and very lean, although a childhood of Texas ranching, brawling, and training guardians has given him deceptive strength, power, and quickness. His skin looks like an old suitcase after years in the sun. His hair is grey, is normally long, and he always appears to need a shave and a shower.


Hale Stanwick comes from a proud Texas family who have produced Rangers and Guardians in about equal supply. Stanwicks perished at the Alamo, fought for Texas independence, and even came over with the conquistadores in the 1500s as one of the first Guardians to hit the New World.

Hale is an incredibly effective Guardian and has served at some of the most precious sites in the world. He has trained some of the most highly-touted and important acolytes in their path to guardianship. However, he has been prevented from being inducted into the Commandery, the Order of the Holy Sepulchre’s governing body, due to long-standing personal and professional conflict with Lucien Jackson. As Lucien rose in the organization, Hale’s ranks ceased to increase. This did not prevent the Commandery from assigning Alucard Jackson to Hale for training for two reasons. One: even Lucien admitted that Hale Stanwick was the greatest guardian trainer ever. And two: there was a general hope that Hale would succeed where Lucien had failed and find a way to harness Alucard’s potential in a more positive direction while keeping him from becoming too inflated with self-worth and family importance.

While guardian posts are kept secretive, Hale is believed to be serving somewhere in the southern United States.

Hale Stanwick

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