Jefferson Green

Senior Partner in the Deming Law Firm. Doesn't take many cases, but is still active.


As Portrayed By
Jeff Bridges


Jefferson Green’s family has been a constant in Charlottesville for many generations, involved in many charitable institutions and initiatives, in the University of Virginia and its increase in stature over the years, in politics and other causes. Though most of their old money is from old practices, i.e. real estate and rail interests, their power stems from their ability to wield legal power. Over the years, they’ve had to relinquish some of this power- as shown by the change in the name of their distinguished law firm- but this is really only a repositioning. Be not fooled- the Greens are still a force to be reckoned with, though this change in focus has made them a bit less altruistic than they otherwise were.

Jefferson Green is the de facto patriarch, though he has no children, only nephews and nieces. But this has not taken him out of the head of household seat- just out of the limelight. And at his age, that suits him perfectly.

He is a very intelligent man, with an indefinable charisma about him… one that shows how deadly he was in the courts. He also has a distinct sense of honor, which is perhaps one of the reasons he’s retired from the forefront of the law firm. In the waters that they tread, a sense of honor is sometimes a debilitating trait.

Jefferson Green

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