Jeremy Blackthorne

Junior Partner in Haring and Drake


As Portrayed By
Jason Isaacs


High Concept: Junior Partner in Haring and Drake
Trouble: Tangled in the Puppet Strings

Great: Resources
Great: Presence
Great: Rapport
Good: Discipline
Good: Deceit
Good: Lore
Fair: Contacts
Fair: Scholarship
Fair: Investigation
Avg: Performance
Avg: Empathy
Avg: Intimidation

Dedicated Staff – Resources – Spend Fate point to use Resources for any one Contacts, Scholarship, or Investigation roll
Lawyer – Scholarship – +1 to any roll regarding law, additional +1 regarding estate law
Closing Argument – Performance – Can be used to apply Looks Guilty or Looks Innocent to a specific person
The Old Firm – Presence – When doing business in an official capacity, use Presence instead of Intimidation.
The Sidhe Speaks True – Deceit – When using the truth to deceive someone, gain +2 to the check (as Honest Lies).
They Have Laws, Too – Lore – When making a Lore check regarding the Accords, gain +2 to the check.

Refresh: 4

Background: I Was a Teenage Goblin
My story begins long before my birth. It begins, indeed, in 1922 in Detroit. There was a young man with more ambition than sense. Exactly the kind born to be exploited. He was approached by a goblin king with a deal: A chest full of gold, which must be repaid twice over in ten years’ time. The young man’s first-born child was put up as collateral.

The young man was sharp. His investments trebled and quadrupled in short order. But, as always in these tales, he got greedy. He was very heavily invested in the stock market when the crash came. He was forced to sell most of his property just to cover his debts. In 1932, he had no way to purchase two pieces of gold, let alone two chests full. The goblin king was unsympathetic. A deal was a deal, and the goblin took the man’s eldest daughter as payment.

The poor girl was bewildered and frightened. She became even more frightened when the hideous goblin informed her that she was to become his bride. She fought; she pleaded; she lost. She had no choice but to submit to the marriage. Her fate was not to be so horrible, though. At the very moment that the wedding ceremony was completed, the terrifying visage of the goblin king fell away, and a tall, proud Sidhe noble stood as her groom.

She would end up providing the newly ascended Sidhe with three children. The eldest was coddled from an early age to be his father’s heir. And yet, part of his father’s long plan required his son to remain a changeling, and keep the vestige of mortal free will. The second child, a girl, was raised to be nothing more than a pawn, to be married off as advantageously as possible. She rebelled, however, and fled her home. The youngest child was raised amongst the goblins of his father’s court. But before long, he was returned to the mortal world for schooling. As another element of his father’s schemes, he was to remain a changeling as well, but as a loyal servant amongst the mortals.

I am this youngest child. My father is an ambitious, scheming, terrible Fae noble. My mother is now, thankfully, at peace. I grew up in a minor holding of Winter, a prince to the least of the nobles. Going from years of nothing but goblins for friends and playmates to college in the mortal realm was difficult. Fortunately, I soon joined a fraternity, and felt at home once more.

Rising Conflict: More Precious than Gold
Four years of college flitted by, and then I entered law school. Politics was to be my destiny, a powerful pawn in my father’s gambits. I had no other ambitions of my own, so followed along gamely enough.

Then, I met Amanda. I will spare you the details. Precious as they are to me, I am sure they are tedious to others. Suffice it to say that I found True Love.

Naturally, my father was less than pleased at this turn of events. He attempted to force me to give her up. For the first time in my life, I refused him. Our battle of wills was tremendous. Ultimately he backed me into a corner. He thought he left me with no choice. Instead, I made the Choice.

As a mortal, I was nearly useless to him. Certainly not worth the rather pricey tuition and lifestyle which he had been supporting. I thought that I was going to be forced to drop out. Then, Webster, Douglas, & Bryant stepped in. One of my professors had contacted them. They offered to pay the remainder of my tuition, in return for working for them. Seeing little downside to the deal, I agreed.

Amanda and I were married before I even finished school. I will not claim that our time has been unbroken bliss, but it has always been at least happy. We now have two fine children. Jeremy Jr., who goes by Jerry, is my son, and the elder at 13. Marie is now 11, and my princess. My family is more important to me than my career, my money, or even my very life. Trifle with them at your risk.

The Story: I Have People for That
One of the hazards of working so close to DC is that you can never be entirely sure who exactly you are meeting. One particular Red Court vampire discovered this to his detriment. The naive but sassy young girl he addicted to his saliva wasn’t just from Missouri. She was the daughter of a Congressman from Missouri, in town to spend a few weeks with Daddy. This happened to be mere weeks after the Red Court declared war on the White Council. The Red Court could ill afford the resources or exposure to fight this battle. They came to WD&B to handle it. WD&B assigned the case to me.

The solution was simple. I needed a potion to counter the saliva addiction. Then, I needed to convince the Congressman that handling it quietly was better for his career. I needed a scapegoat to satisfy the Congressman, and I needed to ensure that the vampire was punished. Oh, and I had to deflect any law enforcement or media investigation. Simple, but with many moving parts. I was going to need help.

It could have been messy. But, thanks to some excellent teamwork, we pulled it off. I was later told that this case, in particular, was largely responsible for me making partner.

Other Details:
Office is at 800 Capitol Square Pl SW just south of L’Enfant Plaza (also uses the attached 802 property).
Spends week in townhouse in Old Town just east of Braddock Rd. Metro station.
Country house, where family primarily resides, is south of Leesburg. Spends Thursday evening to Monday morning there.

Office Staff:
Darryl Winchester – primary investigator
Nadine Montrose – personal assistant
2 junior lawyers
4 paralegals
2 admins
Terry Woodside – office manager, reports to corporate not me
Simon Barringer – research assistant and part-time IT guru

Jeremy Blackthorne

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