Juno 'Monk' Moneta

Gifted medic on the run from her destined choice.


Blood and bullets. Juno ‘Monk’ Moneta has been up to her elbows in them for longer than she cares to remember. Self-raised from the streets, she quickly found her scholarship didn’t go far. Her love for gambling certainly didn’t help much, either. Before she knew it, the Winter Court had its claws in her and she was patching up sidhe and trolls alike. Even though business was always good, the money was never ‘quite’ enough, keeping her freedom forever out of reach.

Well-known in all the wrong circles, Monk maintains an underground clinic for those who absolutely-positively can’t go to the local hospital… or who’s HMO doesn’t cover werewolf bites. She doesn’t discriminate or judge, as long as the money is right. When she’s not sewing someone’s guts back in, she’s usually found drowning her sorrows. And god help you, if you ask about the ears or mention ‘goblins’ in her presence. This girl knows where to hit you and make it count.

Juno 'Monk' Moneta

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