Lucien Jackson

Illustrious Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre and Alucard's father


Lucien Jackson is an enormous man at 6’6", 315 pounds. As a youth and into his teens, he competed in international wrestling and powerlifting competitions and was a world champion Greco-Roman wrestling. Though into his 60’s, he still works out seven days a week. If he had hair, it would be gray and balding on top, but he always has a shaved head. Lucien speaks with no discernible accent and is an incredibly tough man to read as unlike his son, he exhibits very few emotions and is not prone to outburts or any real expressions of personality.


Lucien Jackson is of mixed French and Russian ancestry. He grew up mostly in Europe, but spent time on all continents. He is fluent or conversant in many languages, including English, French, Russian, Portuguese, German, and Japanese. He has served as the Illustrious Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre for over 20 years and is thus the highest ranking member of the Order. This service kept him away from his home in New Orleans for weeks and months at a time, leaving his son Alucard with little knowledge of who his father really was. At 16, he took Alucard to the Order’s proving grounds hidden in the Himalayas, leaving him to undergo the mandatory 5 years of training. Lucien hoped the training would take the edge off Alucard as years of growing up in New Orleans had made him impulsive and reckless, while his genetics and hobby as a street fighter made him both powerfully strong and incredibly skilled at hand to hand, unorthodox, and group fighting techniques. Instead, Alucard emerged even more powerful with the Order backing him and a mandate to leave no threats alive in service. Despite his detestation of the man, Lucien lobbied successfully for Alucard to serve his first apprenticeship under his rival Hale Stanwick and admitted grudgingly later that though Alucard is still mostly untamed, Hale made definite progress where others had failed.

Normally Grand Masters serve 10 years and then return to a role as a regular Guardian. Exceptional Grand Masters are offered a place in the Commandery. That Lucien has made it through two normal terms is a testament to his effectiveness.

Grand Masters do not serve as active bethel guardians and Lucien is no different in this regard, although he takes special interest in some of the Order’s high-value sites and provides consultations when necessary. Monticello, previously a middle-of-the-road bethel as far as the Order goes, was chosen for Alucard for this reason coupled with the presence of Warden Bennett. Lucien and the Commandery both felt the Warden’s presence would keep most serious threats in check while Alcard grew into his role and learned the soft skills he so sorely needed for bigger assignments. Being somewhat distrustful of his son’s judgment and impulsiveness, Lucien has resources deployed solely to keep an eye on Alucard (from a distance mostly) and to keep him in the loop of Alucard’s progress.

Lucien Jackson

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