Nick Foxburrough

Charming Con Man with no memory of his past


Nick was a small-time con man that thought of himself as a modern Robin Hood. But the mafia boss he targeted was more powerful, and more angry, than Nick had expected, and his thugs chased Nick far out of town until he was literally lost in the woods. He was found there by Miriel, a lovely lady who was entertained by Nick’s exploits. She gave him a touch of her power, on the condition that he return to her every Midsummer Eve with new stories to tell.

Nick has had a few brushes with the warden, as Bennett wanted to make absolutely certain that Nick’s glamours were purely sensory phenomena, and thus not in violation of Third or Fourth laws of magic. They have had an uneasy truce: Bennett has warned Nick not to draw too much attention to himself, and Nick has asserted that more attention is definitely not what he wants anyway.

Nick Foxburrough

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