Seigi Nakamura

Master of Hikari Dojo in Richmond, VA, and Wizard of the White Council


As Portrayed By
Yasuaki Kurata


A contemporary of Warden Bennett, Nakamura is an accomplished master of the arts, both mystical and martial. Indeed, he could have been Warden himself, but for his earlier experiences. In a former life, he was a great force on the White Council, and a supporter of the more hawkish wizards, wanting to do more, especially during World War 2. His experiences during that time made him into a different man- where once he associated honor with doing and with being a part of things, now he teaches and meditates. Why that change came over him is a matter of much speculation, but the only other person that possibly knows what occurred is Warden Bennett, and he’s not disclosed what happened during that time either.

He is now master of Hikari Dojo in Richmond, VA, from where he trains in mystical and martial arts, along with the more philosophical side of both. There he conducts classes in Karate Jutsu (Kishaba Juku Shorin-Jutsu) and Yamani-Ryu Bojutsu.

Seigi Nakamura

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