Sir Ithildin of Star Lake

Mortal David Kiley is now the Knight of A Mysterious Queen


David Kiley’s life changed thirty years ago when, during a particularly violent time in “The Troubles”, he found himself swept up from the intrigues of the IRA to the intrigues of the supernatural forces struggling for control on the same Roads and land in Northern Ireland. An inadvertent saving of Queen Imladris’ favorite (and costing the life of several of his IRA colleagues, which haunts him still) lead to an offer, and then a binding of service. A tattoo of a knotted ring on his left ring finger shows the mark of service.

The Queen’s interests are broad, however, and David soon found himself sent to America. The Queen had previous dealings with Warden Bennett, and thought to strengthen to relationship by sending his knight to him to learn, to train, and to grow into his role. Ostensibly as a dealer in Irish imports, his real goal is to represent the Court’s interests in the Shenandoah area. Especially now…

Sir Ithildin of Star Lake

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