Victoria Martin

Musician, Poet, Scientist, Arcanist - Renaissance Woman


High Concept Aspect: Rhode Scholar Virtuoso SpellSinger

Other Aspects:
Loves Guns (Science and Magic CAN coexist!)
Has a Reputation to Keep
Sympathy for and protection of the weak

Power Level: Chest Deep (8 refresh, 30 skill points, Superb)
Refresh Spent: 7
Starting Refresh: 8
Current Refresh: 1




Alertness: Average (+ 1)
Athletics: Fair (+ 2)
Contacts: Average (+ 1)
Conviction: Good (+ 3)
Craftsmanship: Average (+ 1)
Discipline: Good (+ 3)
Fists: Average (+ 1)
Guns: Average (+ 1)

Investigation: Good (+ 3)
Lore: Fair (+ 2)
Performance: Great (+ 4)
Presence: Fair (+ 2)
Resources: Good (+ 3)
Scholarship: Fair (+ 2)
Stealth: Average (+ 1)

Stunts and Powers

  • Spellsinger: [-1] Music is magic, at least for Victoria. She uses her Performance skill for spellcasting control.
  • Arsenal: [-1] Victoria has access to an impressive supply of weaponry. Resource checks made to obtain weaponry get a two shift bonus.
  • Evocation: [-3] (Elements: Air, Water, Sprit/Earth) Evocation is the “thug” side of spellcasting, from some perspectives. It’s all about pushing energy from one place to another, quickly—and subtlety isn’t, truly, part of its vocabulary. Worse, it runs a real risk of spiraling out of the caster’s control. Those who have mastered Evocation are among the most feared spellcasters around. It’s not because they can create widespread destruction (although of course they can); it’s because they’re able to do potent spellcasting at a moment’s notice. Those who haven’t quite mastered evocation are usually dangerous as well—but only until they accidentally engineer their own demise
  • Thaumaturgy: [–3] Thaumaturgy is a subtle art—and slow. It was created by mortal spellcasters due to their need to produce great power but to keep that power under control better than Evocation ever could. This is done through careful preparation and ritual: Thaumaturgy can’t ever be used quickly enough to be much use in a fight. However, given enough time, preparation, materials, and the right caster, it’s more than a match for supernatural forces.
  • Wizard’s Constitution: [+0] Victoria is incredibly long lived for a human, able to recover from injuries just a little better than the next person.

Spell Casting

Focus Items

Platinum, Amulet of Air Violin Pin (+ 1) Offensive Power, Air
Platinum, Bracelet (+ 1) Defensive Power, Air


Trouble Aspect:

BackGround: Where Did Victoria Come From?

Her family immigrated to the United States from Italy in the late 1600’s. Decendent of the famous bard, poet, adventurer and magician, Victor Martin. Her father and mother are flower children that had there one and only child late in life. Raised in Manhattan, NY she spent many days at her father’s art gallery and watching her mother pour over scripts and write sheet musich.

Phase Aspect

Rising Conflict: What Shaped Victoria?

Dubbed a child prodigy (violin, voice, accoustic guitar) at an early age and with the shadow of the great Victor Martin looming over her, Victoria worked diligently to distinguish herself. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from George Town University at the age of 19. Rhode Scholarship to obtain a Masters Degree in mechanical engineering.

Fresh out of school Victoria landed a job as a mechanical engineer with one of DC’s hottest engineering firms. Since she was just a child, she loved working with her hands to tinker with electronics and mechanical things. She now had access to a huge lab and great projects to design and tinker to her heart’s content. This all lead to frustration once he arcane powers manifested at the age of 21. “Science and Magic CAN coexist!” With this frustration came a switch from Bethooven and Bach to AC/DC and Jimi Hendrix and many nights playing in dive bars during open mic nights.

She now…

  • Teaches at the University instead of doing…
  • Brews her own gin in a stil she buildt…
  • Custom crafts handguns…
  • Plays lead guitar and sings vocals for a rock n roll band…
  • Restores vintage motorcycles…

All while trying to figure out what place magic has in her life.

Victoria martin2 small

Phase Aspect

The Story: What was Victoria’s First Adventure?

While on tour with her band and playing at some seedy bars in NYC

Phase Aspect

Guest Star: Whos path has she crossed?

A Rhode scholarship brought her to England for the first time and prompted a trip to the land of her forefather, Italy. Little did she know that this would stir up old rivalries more than half a millennium old.

Phase Aspect

Victoria Martin

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