Searing Light of Reason

A wooden butane cigar lighter


+2 to Investigation, Scholarship, and Lore when pursuing a target.

1 Free tag of the Searing Light of Reason aspect per scene.

Tag Searing Light of Reason in relation to discipline roll to resist deception or control, or to investigate/search a scene.

  • Awesome Name – Searing Light of Reason
  • Appearance – A wooden butane lighter, scarred and marked by years of use and disuse, but against all odds, it still works.
  • Benefit – When lit, the smoky fumes from the item reinforces the user’s will, assisting in breaking any control over the mind. It also reinforces their intellect, as the light uncovers information that relates to whatever the user is focusing on.
  • Drawback – It can only be used for a short time, as the lighter is beset by its own limits, and cannot burn for long. Also, the user is less aware of environmental details that are not related to what he is concentrating on.
  • Lore – When Octavius Barron murdered William Lyman, the second congressional delegate from the second congressional district in 1837, he escaped despite the presence of several eyewitnesses- cleanly, with no traces. That didn’t stop Detective John Lyman of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. He fought for the case against criticism of his obvious ties to the deceased, and solved it despite a preponderance of obstacles against that eventuality. Not only did he track the murderer, he also built the case against him, and even without a motive or a murder weapon, in the face of the continued proclaimed innocence of Barron, he was convicted on June 7, 1838, after three months on the run, a 10 day trial, and 15 minutes of juror deliberation. After his execution on July 25, 1838, the majority opinion was that justice had been served – a life for a life.
  • Twist – The user develops an increasing taste for cigars, which will eventually develop into an addiction that cannot be kicked as long as the user possesses the artifact. This persists even after possession, but can be kicked according to normal properties of addiction.

Searing Light of Reason

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