Unconquered Rage of Chaos

A button from a Confederate Infantry soldier's coat


[ -2 ] Inhuman Strength
[ +1 ] A button from a Confederate infantry soldier’s coat
[ -2 ] Inhuman Recovery
[ +1 ] The Catch: Artifacts [ +1 ], Must Know and Study Wade[ +0 ]
[ -2 ] Incite Rage: At Range, Based on Intimidation

Aspect: The Unconquered Rage of Chaos

Total Refresh Cost: -4

  • Awesome Name – Unconquered Rage of Chaos
  • Appearance – A button from a Confederate infantry soldier’s coat, it appears a very well preserved specimen, with a secure shank present. It has an even rich brown patina, and no mars or dings. Once taken in hand, it has a warmth to it, not uncomfortable to the touch, but definitely noticeable.
  • Benefit – The artifact increases the strength, resilience, and restlessness of the user, channeling Lyman’s rage at the earlier capture of the major encampment.
  • Drawback – The rage that is channeled from Lyman’s emotions at the time make the user of the artifact impulsive- something that Lyman kept in check, but the user might not be able to. This same rage seethes from the user, making others sensitive to such things twitchy as well- this can play a factor in social situations.
  • Lore – Sergeant Edward Lyman, in the face of Custer’s advance formed up a unit of the injured and unengaged combatants to oppose the capture of Charlottesville. Having few weapons, most of the men brandished sticks to represent sabers and carbines. Major Roger Preston Chew brought his pseudo cavalry up to the Confederate flank and shouted, “Tell Colonel Dulaney to bring up the 7th Regiment.” Custer did not know that Dulaney and the 7th Virginia Cavalry were miles away. Custer was suspicious, but Lyman’s advance into the camp and destruction of multiple Confederate artillery pieces convinced Custer that he was under fire, and his divided forces began firing on each other. Custer retreated in confusion, and Charlottesville was saved. Capt. R. Preston Chew and Captain Marcellus N. Moorman received the credit for the tactic, and Lyman went unsung and unknown.
  • Twist – Chaos follows the user, especially into battle. No plan survives contact with the enemy, and this is especially true with this artifact in play.

The rest of the story

Edward Lyman didn’t lead the charge into the camp; instead his ‘boy’, Wade Bannister did. The emotions and energy that are felt of Bannister, and anyone not knowing this will be limited in their resilience, and confused at some of the feelings that will persist until Bannister is laid to rest, for this is not a result of the battle.

After finding out that his ‘boy’ that he had set free had upstaged him, he confronted Wade, but Wade gladly gave the credit to Ed, which Lyman took as his due. But it didn’t turn out well for him; others knew that it wasn’t him, and he was swept aside, shamed for attempting to take credit for something that he’d had only a small part in. After drinking heavily, he came to punish Wade, but overheard Katherine warning the Madame about his intentions, and telling her to warn Wade. Katherine, who was his betrothed. Katherine, who was the only thing holding him to any of the good things in life, like morals and decency.

Wade arrived in time to pull the Madame, badly injured, from the blazing inferno. Lyman set himself and his cronies on Wade, using Katherine to hold Wade’s anger at bay as they beat and finally killed Wade.

Unconquered Rage of Chaos

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