Kai's Dossiers

Zhen Lei – Field Operative for Detachment 8. Formerly attached to foreign intelligence and operated out of Beijing Station. Highly trained, no known relatives. Trained Lexa – possible weak point. Possibly involved with Weston in the past?

Zhen Lei

Lexa Cierny – Involuntary recruit to Detachment 8. Trained by Lei, former double-agent against unknown third party. Possible family ties obscured by wiping of past. True accent points towards origin on former Russian republic. Highly trained, but lacks experience.


Weston Helmsly – Golden boy in Detachment 8. Former operations in Russia – possibly out of Moscow station. Very analytical and highly dangerous. As their handler, he is the ultimate target.


What are the ties with the Huntsman? They appear to have other extranormal abilities that seem closely tied to his nature. But the Huntsman and Detachment 8? Far fetched to say the least.

Was able to find out Lei was meeting Weston after op, but off Detachment’s radar. Something that I can use?

Lei weston2 ppc

Kai's Dossiers

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