The Shenandoah Reports

A Deadly Boar Hunt

Following one of their clues, Soup gets in a life or death struggle that reveals disturbing information

GM Summary

With no lack of threads to follow, and no lack of questions to go along with them, the group decides to chase down the last place that they knew Kane had gone- to Boar’s Head to check on his meeting with Jefferson Green. They found out that Haring and Drake actually maintained a room there, and were having a Holiday dinner for their employees the next night, so planned to be at Boar’s Head at the same time.

Driving in two cars, Alucard and Kassandra decided to arrive together in her Prius, while the others took the Rolls, with Nickodemus acting as chauffeur to hopefully be able to question some of the regular workers at the inn. They arrived on the lush grounds, pulling directly into the restaurant. Kassandra pulled around and parked their car, while Nickodemus dropped the others off at the front door. After a short wait, they procured a table, with Hugo’s influence greasing the way past their lack of a reservation.

Shortly after arriving at the table, Soup excused himself, and with a short trip to the men’s facilities, veiled himself to walk unimpeded past the hosts outside of the Haring and Drake party room. It seemed relatively urbane; pretty people well-dressed in their tailored attire (a bit above business dress, but less than black tie), making inconsequential talk and carefully calculated gossip, as they tried to ignore the cut-throat realities of their normal day-to-day interactions. The faces of the women definitely paid testament to the ‘plastic’ in plastic surgery, as they flashed their too white teeth as the ‘Old Boys’ played their games in between talks of visits to spas and shopping.

In the meantime, Nickodemus moved among a social structure of a different kind- the working class that drove their employers around, guarded their secrets, and served their food. And they engaged in the oldest of ways to pass the time until they were called upon to rush to duty again- gossiping and cigarettes. Nickodemus talked to them, but something in his mannerisms must have tipped them off to the fact that he didn’t do this for a living, for they didn’t warm to him as he’d hoped, eventually making their excuses before taking their leave.

Soup didn’t appear to be having much more luck. But just as he despaired of finding out anything of import, Green, obviously disturbed beyond his ability to fake it, and more than a little loosened by the alcohol that flowed freely began to get more agitated. Declaring that he couldn’t do it anymore, and that the facades had to stop, he railed against the nature of the firm, declaring that this party and parties like it were why he moved on to his own law firm. And that the corruption of Kane by his ‘friend’, Eric Cord, was too much to handle. He asked why there wasn’t more internal oversight over the happenings surrounding Kane? And why was it just business as usual? Cord tried to calm him down, but Green took off through the silent room that parted for him as he made his way to the door. Soup followed hurriedly, and was just able to slip into the limo after Green on a hunch.

It turned out that his hunch was right; after a call on his cell phone, the driver looked a bit more grim and determined. Green didn’t notice in the back seat of the limo, stuck in his own thoughts- at least not until it was too late. He noticed that they were heading out of town, rather into it, and questioned his driver as to the reason why. The driver pulled over and opened the window between the driver’s area and the back seat. Green demanded to know what was going on, and the driver merely apologized, pulling out a gun and aiming at his boss. Though Green was paralyzed by the import of the gun, Soup was not, and grabbed it just as an eruption of flame licked towards the hapless man. Green yelled out as the bullet struck him, and the driver tried to pull back into the front seat, but Soup was having none of that. Striking the driver, he managed to hit his wrist before he could get another shot off, disarming him as the gun fell heavily to the floorboards in the front seat. But to get to his target, Soup had to jump through the small area in between the two areas, and the driver took this opportunity to spit into the open space. Soup couldn’t help but be hit by it, but was more revolted than anything else…

…that is, until the driver commanded him to show himself. Soup found himself confused and visible, the Red Court venom coursing through his veins. The fight grew more intense in the small space, as Soup tried to fight the now revealed Red Court Infected and his mind. Green took this time to kick the window, finally getting the door to the limo open. He ran into the night. The driver, seeing his prey escaping, feinted to spit at Soup, then took the opportunity this gave him to open the door and chase after Green. Soup picked up the gun and caught up with the pair just as the driver was about to bash Green’s head open with a rock. Soup didn’t hesitate, and a heartbeat later, the driver lay unmoving on top of Green’s prone form.

Fearing the worst, Soup checked on Green, but he was just unconscious with a possible concussion. Soup proceeded to pull out one of his restorative potions, and also a magical roofie, putting Green out. He then shot the chauffeur again- just to make sure- and put Green into the back of the limo. Heading back towards the city, he received a call on the chauffeur’s cell phone. Deciding to answer it, he bluffed his way through a status report on Green’s hit- at least that’s what he assumed. Then, calling the others, he headed back to the Sanctum. But that wasn’t to be the end of his problems.

On the way back to the Sanctum, he was stopped by the police. Things were friendly enough, though the policeman asked Soup to step from the vehicle. It was only then that he noticed how wary they were, and was informed that the car had been reported stolen. He engaged with the police, and seemed to have them convinced- until one of them noticed Jefferson Green in the back seat. He maintained the veil on Green, preventing the situation from spiraling out of control with the bullet wound and the bullet in the upholstery. But they still insisted on taking him down to the station, as they could not make Green coherent enough to question him on the story. As the situation wasn’t antagonistic, Soup was able to convince them to let him call Hugo by telling them he was his lawyer. That done, Soup headed to the station, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Player Log


Awesome narrative, Charles!

A Deadly Boar Hunt

Thanks! Trying to catch up on the logs, and I hope it helps you when we can finally get you back into the game!

A Deadly Boar Hunt
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