The Shenandoah Reports

A Deadly Game of Cat and Mouse

Now chasing their pursuer, the group has the upper hand. Or do they?

Leaving Kassandra and Alucard behind to guard the still-confused Jefferson Green, Soup, Nickodemus, and Hugo responded to Killian’s call that he’d found where their nemesis had gone to ground- the Belmont area of Charlottesville. This unassuming area was neither high-priced nor slum-ready, but depressingly middle class, with the old houses of a bygone area with their bright red bricks gone to dull shades of washed out houses containing people left behind by their washed out dreams of upward mobility and the American Dream.

Hugo talked to Killian for a bit finding out what he had seen. Apparently, he’d been able to trace the man that hired him to this location using some of his police contacts and a liberal donation to the Police Benevolent Foundation, and had also been able to find out that the house was owned by an out-of-town party, and manged by a property management firm in town- neither of those seemed interesting, though he dutifully gave over the details. What was interesting was that the house had been leased through a LLC, and Killian had been able to trace it further to Tom Gersic, an independent contractor. More impressive in the short time he’d been given was that he was able to verify that Gersic was active in the supernatural community.

Beyond that, he’d not been able to find out much- it had been too late to do his typical information gathering from the neighbors, and he’d not wanted to jeopardize his clandestine surveillance by doing any close-in work. Settling up with Killian, Hugo did ask him to contact them if he was able to find out anything with more time, but that they would take up the surveillance. Of course, their definition of clandestine differed from Killian’s- but then again, they had resources that he did not.

Scouting out the area, they were able to find that the car that was in the driveway was warm, verifying Killian’s statement that the person had just arrived. It was from an earlier time- a 70’s era Ford, tricked out with rims and lights, and though a bit bare in its electronics, definitely kitted for looks and intimidation factor. They cased the rest of the house, seeing that there had been some recent alterations to the house, and the lower level was a communal level with some disturbing ritualistic aspects. They were not able, however, to find any presence of human life. Just as they were deciding on whether to go in, they heard the tell-tale sound of a car with loud music pulling into the driveway back in the front of the house. Deciding to hunker down where they were and wait, they soon were rewarded by the sounds of many people coming into the house. After a few minutes, the people started to migrate downstairs. The group was able to get a look at them as they did, and didn’t like the look of them; they were of the more unsavory type- tattooed, pierced, seemingly drunk, boisterous, muscled, and full of menace.

Taking this time to move to the front of the house, they saw that the car was now gone, and a truck was there- a more recent Toyota, built for the urban landscape rather than a true truck, riding low to the ground, again decked out for looks and intimidation factor rather than function or utility. Seeing that the car was gone, Hugo was glad that he had taken the time to get one of the tire caps, and handed it to Nickodemus so that they could follow the driver.

Calling Kassandra and Alucard for backup, they tailed the man to downtown Charlottesville- a rundown set of apartments seemed to be his destination. This rundown set of apartments was conveniently near the warehouse they had raided only a few nights before. Seeign this as reason enough to move in, they went to the car and searched it, finding papers that gave them more information on Gersic, and confirmed that he was probably the one there. But they didn’t know what apartment he’d gone in… torching the vehicle would get him out to them though, and give them a chance to see what he’d been up to. Nickodemus was a bit overzealous with the fire, however, and they found themselves with a fireball going off in the middle of the parking lot, lights going on in the apartments around the area, and people running out into the courtyard. They scanned for any sign of which apartment was the likely suspect; they’d never actually seen Gersic, so they had to make a calculated guess. This was made easier when a gaunt, hard looking man ran out of a corner apartment, making a beeline for the car rather than standing off as the other people had done.

Having Soup veil the group, they made their way to the apartment, finding it still occupied. The man was luckily very intoxicated from some combination of drugs and alcohol, and after a moment, Alucard was able to trick him into inviting them in. Gratified that they’d been able to get around the trouble of the threshold, they entered the apartment, confident that they’d be able to ambush Gersic as he came back into the apartment. Searching and waiting, this scenario did indeed unfold as they’d wanted…

…but then everything went strange…


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