The Shenandoah Reports

A Little Help from My Friends

With their resources tapped, the group starts to look to unconventional means

A mesopotamian cult ritual. An encrypted USB Drive. White powder. What do these things have in common?

Even with Alucard’s increased investigation skills and all of their normal resources, the group has no ideas. So they start to look towards other avenues.

Snoddy isn’t likely to touch this again, and they don’t have a way to get him to do so. There’s nothing in this that is likely to get the Order’s attention. Arcas hasn’t been around- and Hugo doesn’t really want to push his luck with the magical rituals. Officers Ramirez and Ingrey aren’t likely to have any information in this area. Drexl Wallace does have a pretty good reach. And Jefferson Green does owe them quite a bit. Killian has some.. dodgy contacts also.

It is decided that Hugo will contact Wallace, Soup will take Green, and Kassandra will take Killian. In the meantime, Alucard has a few ‘things’ to look into also.

Pulling up to Wallace’s mansion, Hugo can’t help but think that crime really does pay- if you get out fast enough. But then, thinking about how close things were with Trish reminds him the Devil will always have his due. He’s lightly screened by the security Wallace has currently- they don’t know the extent of Hugo’s involvement, but they do know that he has a free pass to see the man. Wallace doesn’t really have anything for him, regrettably. He seems sincerely sad about that fact- and Hugo realizes that this is not a man that likes to be in debt to anyone. But the meeting goes favorably if non-productively, and Hugo is sent on his way empty handed.

On Soup’s part, he finds out the Green is out of contact. He is put in contact with one of Green’s aides, but he doesn’t feel comfortable relaying the information to anyone other than Green. Another dead end.

Kassandra, on the other hand, has a pretty good time of it. Killian himself doesn’t have any information, but he does give her the name of Bruce Riedel- and cryptically says he might be able to help with the drive if the markings are any indication. Looking it over, Kassandra asks him what he’s talking about, and within the normal markings one might find on a USB drive, a tactile message was present. It didn’t mean anything to Killian, but he did know it was ‘spook stuff’.

Meeting up again, they are congregated together when they contact Riedel. He seems a bit skittish at first, but when they tell him what they have, his attitude changes. It will take him a while to get there from DC, but he says that he will meet them the next day.


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