The Shenandoah Reports

Down the Rabbit Hole

A simple plan turns out to be anything but simple.

After causing a little arson, and tricking a druggie into letting them into his apartment, the team searches for any indication of what their tail was doing here, and wait for him to return from checking on his car in order to subdue him. A simple enough plan…

As Tom Gersic entered the apartment, Alucard and Kassandra immediately jumped him, attempting to beat him into submission so that they could get some answers. Soup became tangled up with Tracy as the drug dealer blearily tried to get them to stop the violence because they were ‘harshing’ his high, so it was left to Nickodemus and Hugo to lock the sorceror down long enough for Alucard and Kassandra to disable him.

Gersic was stronger than they’d imagined, and the battle was touch and go; the sorceror’s use of wind magic was able to shield him and keep them at bay, and Hugo had a harder time touching his mind than he’d had with most people before, and it seemed that it might go badly for the heroes until Soup noticed a vial of what looked like blood on the table, and some faintly red colored powder. He tried to gather samples, and seeing this Gersic yelled in frustration as he gestured towards the vial, pulling it towards him. But with the combat, he miscalculated, and watched in dismay as it shattered against Kassandra’s arm. Her skin absorbed the liquid within, and her eyes became momentarily unfocused as a feeling of power overwhelmed her senses. Crying out in anger, Gersic made a slashing motion, and a great rent opened in the ground, swallowing the three combatants.

Nickodemus clawed at the location in reality where the trio had disappeared with all of the magic at his command- but found only a trace of the rip between the worlds; apparently the sorcerer was not just powerful, but skilled, as the hole was already closed, and little trace of Kassandra and Alucard remained.


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