Tensions on the rise on UVA Campus


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Charlottesville police are looking for a UVA professor who went missing Monday.

Professor Fiona McIver, 37, a relatively new addition to the University Art School staff has been declared missing by Charlottesville police after the University police failed to find anything of her presence.

She was last seen Monday in her office at Garrett Hall, according to Charlottesville Police Detective Derek Ingrey.

“Very uncharacteristic of herself, no extenuating circumstances or outside issues that would lead us to believe that she would just take off or do something to herself,” Ingrey said.

Though the police provided information on no other leads, rumors have been circulating the campus of a disturbance in Garrett hall, though all records of said disturbance have come up missing. Students reported a loud argument in her office that afternoon between the professor and unknown persons. Another witness reported seeing “a group of people who obviously weren’t students,” around the hall that day.

McIver’s family has been notified, and have offered a reward for information leading to her discovery. Though relatively new to the area, there has been a groundswell of support on the campus, as the strange disappearance has caused tensions to rise.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Charlottesville Police Department at 434-555-1234.

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