The Archives – Mundane Information

Information and links related to mundane features in and around the Charlottesville and Shenandoah Valley are.

Each entry is of the format:

Hook: (A short description; reads like an aspect)
Description: (No more than a short paragraph)
Reference: (The link to more information, either in this Wiki or elsewhere)


Hook: Charities sometimes hide Dark Secrets
Description: The Harris Charitable Fund Program is linked to a local minded wealthy philanthropist and political figure. But when investigating the Adult Learning Center, funded by the charity, some irregularities are found. Is the Charitable Fund not as charitable as it seems?
Reference: Harris Charitable Fund Program

Hook: Charlottesville’s Civil War Heritage
Description: Charlottesville was only minimally involved in the Civil War, having one minor skirmish that resulted in an unexpected victory from an unexpected source. Charlottesville continued its support of the Confederacy, but early the next year, town leaders surrendered Charlottesville to Custer, preventing the community’s destruction, presaging the eventual surrender at Appomattox of the Northern Virginia Army.
Reference: Battle of Rio Hill

Hook: Charlottesville’s Skeletons in the Closet
Description: During the 1800s a woman of questionable repute but impeccable connections ran a business as a fortune teller and medium. But what this the only business that she was in? And what about the strange happenings around the destruction of her business and her untimely death?
Reference: Fontaine Hotel

Hook: Unearthing the Red Court
Description: When confronted by a daunting estate and a connected criminal, the team decides to do some research and get some of their contacts involved to end the ‘Red Scare’ once and for all.
Reference: Research Dossiers

Hook: Trust, but Verify
Description: While going through some of Kai’s things, the team comes across a book with the password to some files on a flash drive. The dossiers in there prove to be very interesting.
Reference: Kai’s Dossiers


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