The Ecology of the Revenant

Amongst the ranks of the living dead, the Revenant holds a special place. No mere reanimated corpse, the Revenant has formed from the restless fragments of those who, in life, did great evil. Devious and clever, the Revenants serve no master, no greater plan or intelligent design. All they crave is misery, agony, death – and the memories and emotions of their victims. They feed on terror and pain, and their presence is always an omen of impending doom.


Imbued with strong occult magic, they are able to change themselves into a shadowy shape that allows them to howl screaming from the skies. In their natural form, they can leap huge distances, crawl upside down at great speeds, and squeeze themselves through the narrowest of spaces. In their natural form, Revenants typically use poison and disease as weapons against the innocent, and their weapons – often twin knives – can cause hideous infections in those without protection against dark magic.

But this is not their major weapon, as in their occult form, they are able to, with a touch, absorb the memories and emotions of others, and cause insanity as they split the psyche of their victims, gradually absorbing them into their whole- this is how they sustain themselves, as the very act of spreading their madness takes from their substance.

The Revenant is one of the most terrifying creatures of the secret world. Not easily defeated, they are known to reform from the smallest fragments, and their poisoned blood and dark minds infect everything around them with their eldritch disease.

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