The Archives – Supernatural Information

Information and links related to supernatural occurrences in and around the Charlottesville and Shenandoah Valley area.

Each entry is of the format:

Hook: (A short description; reads like an aspect)
Description: (No more than a short paragraph)
Reference: (The link to more information, either in this Wiki or elsewhere)


Hook: Limited talents don’t mean that they’re weak.
Description: While studying Raymond Harris, Hugo comes across an alternate explanation for the Councilman’s magical defenses.
Reference: Known Shenandoah Valley Supernatural Consultants

Hook: A mind is a terrible thing to waste
Description: On an unplanned trip to the NeverNever, the group enters into the demesne of Dagon, a strange mindscape based on a blasted similacrum of Earth. In Dagon, they run afoul of the Revenant.
Reference: Dagon, Revenant, Mindscape


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