The Cast

The Shenandoah Reports is a campaign of interactive fiction set in the Dresden Files universe. It is set during the time of the Vampire Wars, where horror and heroism abounded in equal parts.

The campaign is cast as a movie would be, both for mental reference for the players, and for those reading. Below is a list of all of the PCs, and a summary of their details. Below that is a complete list of the credits for the campaign.

The Characters

Name Template Concept Trouble Other Aspects
Alucard Emissary of Power Monticello’s Acolyte of the Holy Sepulchre A Nose for Trouble Wanna bet?, Heir of the Guardian, I will be your bodyguard…, The best defense is a good offense
Arcas Wizard Apprentice Warden Wannabe The Endless Allure of Power Child of the Arcane, On Winter’s Radar, Its a Wizard’s World
Hugo Emissary of Power Spellbookwyrm to a Murdered Warden Power Unleashed Makes for a Powerful Feast Perfect Recallculator, Don’t Know My Own Strength, Utterly Forgettable, The Key to the Wardendom (Amulet)
Kai Emissary of Power Emissary without a Clue The Quality of My Enemies The Last Master of Jilinda, Condemned to Walk in Death’s Shadow, Empty Knight, May You Live In Interesting Times, More than Just a Weapon
Kassandra Red Court Infected Fighting the Infection Red is Dead Is history worth repeating?, Widow, …I will be your long lost pal
Nickodemus Practitioner The Search for Power The Battle Within X
Soup Changeling Too Goblin Ascetic A Dilemma in Every Choice Lonely “Monster” is Lonely, The Zen of Sauceomancy, Nothing More Dangerous than a Fire Untended, A New Family to Call My Own?

Complete Credits

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The Cast

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