The Haven Clinic


Mundane Information

Those who can’t afford to pay, or can’t afford to be noticed by the system come to this clicnic underneath the Haven Church. It has become a staple in the city- a Haven, if you will. But though associated with Haven, the Church has not the funds to get the clinic what it needs. Private funding has been enough so far, but it stretches thin on the best days. The volunteer help is very good, however, so no one wants to see it close, and benefactors usually show up in the darkest hours.

Supernatural Information

With the number of questionable wounded coming to use the services of the clinic, it would seem that it would be a natural place for drug deals and violence to occur. But it’s actually just the opposite. The location affords holy ground status to it, keeping a lot of the bad out. But more importantly, all know the state of the city without this necessary service, so though it’s not accorded neutral ground status, for all intents and purposes, it might as well be.

Campaign Information

Description: Basement of the Haven
Type: Theme
The Idea: Clinic for the less fortunate, supported by the Haven
The Aspect: Holy Ground, Vampman!
The Face: Mary Scruggs (Financial Benefactor and Administrator)

The Haven Clinic

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