The Rules

The Shenandoah Reports is a face-to-face game run using The Dresden Files RPG rules, based on version 3.0 of the FATE system, by Evil Hat Productions. As a gaming system, it is a hybrid of more recent story-based systems, and old school rules-based systems. It is very capable in its role, and makes it very easy to create adventures evocative of the tone that Jim Butcher uses in The Dresden Files. However, as with any game system, it is to a large extent a framework; there will be in any game extensions to the rules to handle situations and needs that come up in-game.

This is a record of those “home-brew” rules.

Player Contributions

As this site is supposed to be a joint venture, and it takes time and effort to contribute to it, player input is incentivized in a few ways.

Contribution: One player will be singled out each week (or a player can volunteer, but the responsibility should be spread around). This player will be responsible for taking the GM summary and writing up the week’s adventures from the character’s perspective.

Reward: Based upon the log, the player can indicate one aspect based on what the character experienced. The player will get one free tag on that aspect in the next session, and the aspect can be tagged as normal during that session.

Contribution: Players can write a bit of development exposition to include on their character’s page. This can be related to the current events, or events in the past.

Reward: This can be claimed a maximum of once per session, but the contribution awards the player 1 fate point.

Other contributions are possible, limited only by the players imagination. Rewards are at the discretion of the GM.

The Rules

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