Twisted Branch


Mundane Information

The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar is a great place to enjoy a meal, study or meet with friends and business associates in a comfortable and relaxed environment. With a seasonal selection of over 45 teas and tea blends, there is always a reason to come back and try something new.

The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar is one of Charlottesville’s more unique local music venues, and hosts the area’s only hookah bar. Evenings here are often busy with a wide variety of loyal clientele. Colorful lights glow softly down on the eclectic worldly decor, the air is scented with the sweet smell of toasting pita bread, and the tea is Good for you.

Campaign Information

Description: A Tea Shop/Hookah bar on the downtown mall
Type: Theme
The Idea: Accorded Neutral Ground, plus some good tea and smoke
The Aspect: Peace and Free Love on A.N.G.
The Face: Tom Relliford (Proprietor)

Twisted Branch

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